Kangaroo Rat with Cowboy Hat Leading in Republican Polls

While not officially in the running, the Kangaroo Rat with Cowboy Hat has taken the lead in polls among Republican voters. An AOTL poll puts Rat at 32% beating his nearest competitor Mitt Romney by seven points. Earlier this week the Kangaroo Rat who officially exited the race last spring announced the possibility of re-entering if no candidate came out of the January 3 Iowa caucus with no more than 25%. 

Kangaroo Rat with Cowboy Hat Does Not Rule Out Re-Entering Republican Race

After dropping out of the race for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in May of 2011, the Kangaroo Rat with Cowboy Hat has indicated a chance he may re-enter the race if no clear frontrunner emerges from the Iowa caucus on January 3, 2012. KRCH cited wanting to spend more time with family when he exited the political fray early. At the time his wife was expecting a litter of seven babies. The three that survived are all full grown. 

KRCH inspired churning in the rumor mill when he was spotted in Iowa in Mid-December. At the time he claimed he was only there to eat some corn and pee in the hands of the Iowans who had remained loyal to him, but his staff of pollsters told another story. Then on Wednesday a source close to KRCH told AOTL that there may still be room in the race if no candidate gets over 25%. When questioned directly, KRCH won't deny the possibility of running again.

Of course, the same questions and controversies that plagued KRCH in May will resurface including his life expectancy, his remarks about Sarah Palin (seen by most as over the line), and his grasp of the issues. 

"That's not what's important" said the source close to KRCH. "Kangaroo Rat knows what the American people know which is that we need to defeat Barack Obama in 2012."

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