The Tea Party Gasses Itself

The letter that went out in paychecks as Ted Cruz flapped his gums 

I don’t know what Russian dictator Putin said to Syrian dictator Assad that convinced Assad to negotiate the future of his chemical weapons cache, but the title of a Richard Pryor album from 70s comes to mind. While Obama’s political friends and foes alike clamored to demean his leadership on Syria as weak, Putin convinced Assad to bet on Obama’s wavering exterior as some kind of boxing ring trap.

If only Tea Party Republicans were as smart as Pootie-Poot. Obama watches in amazement as they stick the banana in their own tailpipe. As the entire Republican party fights over how to fight Obamacare, it gives him breathing room. As long as the GOP tussles with itself, no one is directly confronting those responsible for executing the law of the land.

This determined cadre of opposition has become fueled by their own propaganda. They and their base love love love the idea of a weak and defeatable Barack Obama so they keep repeating how weak and defeatable he is which in turn fills them with a false sense of possibility. They’re like the villains in a holiday special plotting to cancel Christmas. Only, instead of Christmas, they think they can force Obama to cancel Obamacare. What they refuse to acknowledge is that OC is the law. It has not been fully implemented, but it is the law.

This is the pinnacle of stubborn unreasonability.  Their argument is not with Obama, but with reality. Yes, they hate OC. We get that, but just because they hate something doesn’t mean they can wish it away. The more they fight it, the more they embolden Obama, especially considering their strategy of shutting the government down is way more unpopular than OC is.

How crazy is it when homicidal dictators abroad are more rational than the president’s domestic opponents. Of course, Obama didn’t threaten to blow the Tea Party up (though I’m sure that is one of their hallucination-inspired talking points). Obama doesn’t have to touch the Tea Party or even acknowledge them. They are imploding the Republican party all on their own. Boo hoo.