Sam Brownback Self-Debunking His Own Tax Cut BS

I'm not a scientist, an economist, a historian, a mathematician, a CPA...
It must be humiliating for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback to have recently enacted a historic increase in the state sales tax to repair the debacle he created with his historic tax cuts. Brownback has become a poster boy of Republican failure for what he did to his state, but according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Brownback could share a little of the limelight. The biggest tax-cutting states since 2010 have mostly experienced self-inflicted anemia in terms of growth and jobs. And yes, they are all states with Republican governors.

According to Republican lore, tax cuts are magical things that make everything good. They increase investment, boost savings, make flowers smell nicer, give you bigger boobs/male genitalia, and help you lose weight. In 2012, Guv Brownback went all in by promising to slash his state’s revenue by ridiculous amounts. As a result… state revenue was slashed by ridiculous amounts. No one’s thing-thing got bigger, but they were able to cut funding from their pesky money-grubbing schools for once and for all.

One can try to discount these points with the fact that the CBPP is a progressive group, but I am dying to hear the long-awaited Republican spin on how the failed Kansas experiment is actually a success. Anyone? Anyone? Ben Stein? Oh right. It’s Obama’s fault.