Boxing In a President Pence

As things look right now, if Pence scooted into the Oval Office upon the removal of Trump, he would likely preside over a Democratic Congress, preventing him from getting anything extreme done. Then there is his role in the Flynn/Russiagate/Comey/etc. affair which he currently claims innocence on the grounds that he was kept in the dark. There is conflicting information that suggests that Pence was fully aware of the problems presented by appointing Michael Flynn to the top national security position. Either way, there's no flattering look for Pence. If you believe his story, he was ineffective as the head of the Trump Transition for his ignorance of information that was being widely shared. If you don't believe Pence, then he is a liar. It would be a tough question to have to answer again and again. But then, people also voted for the candidates who ran on taking away their health care in 2016. No predictions here. 

Russians Hosting Trump in the Oval Office

It was not a secret that this would happen. It was covered in the news. it was brought up in the debates between the two candidates. There was no U.S. intelligence agency that did not agree that the Russians had interfered in the U.S. election process and that they supported Donald Trump in order to hurt Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump was flattered and covered for the Russians by saying the U.S. intelligence community was wrong and that no one really knew who was responsible for the hacks at the center of the intrusion. So conspicuous  were connections between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, the FBI began an investigation into the Trump campaign months before the election. The investigation would continue into the presidency of Donald Trump, who would fire the FBI head in charge of that counterintelligence inquiry. A day after that jaw-dropping firing, Trump meets in the Oval Office with top Russian diplomats. The only photographers aloud were those with Russian government media who rushed the photos out around the world to show off their trained American who was elected by people who didn't believe he was a conman and who didn't believe he could be so easily had. 

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