GOP: "I'm Tearing Me Apart!"

People are mistaking the turmoil and division going on in the Republican party as a divide in America. There was a point where American politics was about crossing divides, but that ended with the conservative culture war, which is now turning on the GOP itself.

Rebutting the Protest to the NFL Protest

There are several counterarguments to the protest by NFL players against police misconduct. To be frank, those arguments all coincide with the perfunctory cookie-cutter arguments spewed out in conservative media. Here is a courteous response to those questions and claims raised by conservative media consumers.

Jeff Sessions And His Native Tongue

When Jeff Sessions announced the rescinding of DACA he was speaking a second language. Here is what that same announcement would have sounded like if he delivered it in his native tongue, Alabama circa 1900.

AOTL Series On Race - "How Can Racism Still Be A Problem When..."

In this video from the AOTL series on race, I concoct a letter from a viewer who asks how racism can still be a problem when black applicants are chosen for jobs over white applicants. Great question. Even better answer. 

Washington V Lee - Please, Whitesplain Me

I recently created the video below in which I earnestly ask what the difference is between George Washington and Robert E. Lee. It came about during the debate over removing Confederate monuments and statues. Defenders of Confederate monuments including our president have asked why we should not then tear down statues and monuments to such men as George Washington who also owned slaves. I've asked myself that same question, though with more depth and investigation than Trump, I am sure. At the heart of my curiosity was the question of how different Washington and Lee really were. The question stems from the abundance of moderate to liberal pundits who are finding flowery ways to extoll Washington. They believe the only thing Washington and Lee had in common was that they owned slaves.

Oh. Is that all?

My point is not to defend Robert E. Lee in his attempt to lead an insurrection against the U.S. I am only trying to dig deeper than the license people give Washington out of a feeling of patriotic obligation. So in the video I asked someone to prove me wrong, that if Lee was born 75 years earlier and Washington was born 75 years later, Lee could have been the Father of our country while Washington could have ended up a defeated Civil War general.

I posted the video on Democratic Underground (click here for discussion) where I got lots of whitesplaining (I assume), but no real answers to the questions. All I want is the truth, folks. 

Charlottesville: A GOP Turning Point(?)

Having spent so much time and effort pointing out Republican hypocrisy and falsehoods, it's refreshing to be encouraged by some of their rhetoric in light of the events in Charlottesville, VA. Though that enthusiasm is still tempered with some skepticism.