Hannity Reveals Possible HRC Porn Star Sex Partner

In a bombshell announcement, Fox News host Sean Hannity claimed to have the name of an adult film actor who might have been sexually linked to Hillary Clinton. Hannity warned the list was likely to grow and might even somehow involve more high-profile Democrats including House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and former National Security Advisor Susan Rice. 

Thus far, Hannity claims to have evidence that may link Clinton to Clifford Stephanie who performs under the name Daniel Stormy. AOTL has been unable to confirm the existence of such an adult film actor. 

Nambia Tops Trump's Final List of Tariff Targets

At the request of a staff and a party of mostly free-traders, Donald Trump has spent the past week making adjustments to the spur of the moment steel tariff he recently announced. Trump is now convinced the tariff should be placed only on the countries listed below which have been described to him as the worst trade actors.

Middle Earth

If You Love Your Dog...

Amid the political friction, there is one thing that unites many of us and that is our love for our dogs. Treat your dogs well. Feed them Canine Banquet. It's food your dog will eat. 

"Memo" vs "GOP Hit Job"

What to get Devin Nunes for his next birthday or his induction into hell? How about a dictionary. He apparently doesn't know what a memo is.

Also, I make a call to the White House switchboard.

The Other Trump Dossier

A second Trump dossier has emerged promising more details and more dirt. Tom Brokaw introduces the first chapter in this series of Trump tales.

2018 Trump Goal, Second YELP Star

Donald Trump has the lowest Yelp rating of any president since
 Warren G. Harding
With a stalled legislative agenda and an investigation by a special counsel heating up, the Trump Administration has revealed its single goal for 2018 - to get two stars on Yelp. Even with a 36% approval rating, Trump tops out at one Yelp star. Low ratings are accompanied by harsh reviews, including "I wish I could give this president zero stars" and "I do not recommend this president." 

Grinch caught trying to steal Thanksgiving, drugs found

The Grinch was back in court early Monday after being arrested by Whoville police for conspiracy to steal Thanksgiving. Police raided the Grinch's home in the early hours of Monday, finding a cache of drugs, weapons, and red velvet sacks. Police also took the Grinch's computer as evidence. According to Whoville Police Department spokesperson Captain Sue Who, the Grinch kept specific plans for the heist in a computer journal. 

"He was obviously planning to steal our Who stuffing, steal our Who pies, steal our Who turkey and cakes of all size," said Who, who was two the last time Christmas was stolen by you know who.

Grinch attorney Sam-I-am expressed confidence in his client's innocence.

"You can try him on a boat, you can try him on a goat. No jury could possibly find my client guilty," said I-am.