AOTL News Quizzzzzz

How much do you know about recent events? Test your knowledge here. Good luck!

1. Senator Max Baucus announced that he will be retiring from the U.S. Senate leading watchers to ask:
a. Who will make fartty noises when Sen. Barbara Mikulski sits down?
b. Who will hipsters confuse with Mr. Howell portrayer, late Jim Backus?
c. Who will the NRA hire to replace Baucus?

2. The U.S. Surgeon-General has warned against the teen fad known as the cinnamon challenge because:
a. Illiterate kids die after unwittingly participating in the cayenne challenge
b. Mass increase in cinnamon consumption is causing upheaval in the volatile world cinnamon markets.
c. She was warned not to talk about masturbation

3. Attendees at the Bush Library dedication were surprised to see:
a. Barbara Bush chugging four Ensure-garitas
b. Lunch was catered by Hooters
c. Jimmy Carter spent the entire time on his Bluetooth

4. Three people are under investigation for nude photos released of the Duchess of Cambridge. Why does the Palace find the photos so embarrassing?
a. Kate's got some big ol' National Geographic wind flappers
b. Kate's got a 5 inch outty
c. The photos were taken at a Denny's

5. What was among the revelations captured terrorist Dzhokar Tsarnaev told investigators?
a. "I was actually hiding from this psycho chick I met Wednesday night"
b. "My mom wants to be played by Beyonce. Whatevs"
c. "Romneycare rocks"

6. The NBA playoffs have begun with security at an all-time high as a result of:
a. Boston
b. Syria
c. Death threats against LeBron James

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